Deploying to iDevices

I spent a good chunk of my day yesterday doing the prerequisites needed to deploy a Unity test build onto my 2 iDevices (iPod Touch 4 and iPad 2). This was a lengthier-than-expected process, which included…

  • Finished registering for an Apple Developer account. Paid the $99 the night before. For right now, it’s set up as an individual account so I could start without delay. Sometime soon, I’ll have them convert it to a company account for my LLC, but for the time being this will work.
  • Upgraded OS X to the newest version. At least it was pretty cheap, only $20. Considering that Apple’s hardware is pretty expensive, I was pleasantly surprised at the low cost here.
  • Waited quite a while for the above’s download and installation to finish. The broken progress bar (“-5 minutes remaining,” etc.) was a fun touch.
  • Downloaded XCode, synced my devices, and built and deployed one of Apple’s sample projects as a test.
  • Built and deployed a Unity project to both devices. It worked! But deploying is super-slow. Did some research to find out that if I update the device OSes, this process should be faster.
  • Updated both devices, and deployed again on both. Much faster!

As an aside, I am primarily a Windows user; I only have a Mac to facilitate app development. These 2 OSes have a lot of subtle differences, but the one that bothers me the most is the fact that on Macs, you use Cmd (Command, or the Windows key) + [whatever] instead of Ctrl + [whatever] for shortcuts. I have nothing logically against the Mac way, but 15-ish years of doing it the Windows way… I’ll just say that each time I had to scrunch my pinky over to hit that Windows key after first hitting Ctrl, I would cry a little on the inside. So after doing this one too many times, I finally dug into the Mac settings and found the way to change it — now I can use Ctrl for my shortcuts!